Blog: Reunion

Ok wow, yesterday seemed like it came out of thin air. It’s something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time but I never even suspected in the slightest that it would take place in Jordan. 

So let me explain what I’m going on about since your probably 99% clueless right now and your also probably wondering why your even reading my blog in the first place so hopefully this can probably be mildly interesting to you. When I was about 7 years old I used to live in Qatar, I attended Qatar International School and lived in a compound called Yasmine. Even though I was 7 I have incredible clear memories of that place. Back there I met two guys called Ahmad Alony and Amir Bourini, we were probably the closest trio ever known to man. We spent almost every single day out together in that compound and we never had a single regret, I could go on and on about the thousands of nostalgic times we had but my blog would probably crash (Yes, yes your probably thinking “7assasni hay!” but bare with me) When I turned around 8-9 we had to go back to England and ended up staying there till the time where I was around 12-13 years old, that’s when we went back to live in Doha. I honestly never heard of those two for a long time, even when I came back to the country I had no idea how to contact them or even find out where they live anymore, although one day I got two very very random friend requests and through the power of facebook I managed to confirm that these two were still alive. So we had a very long Skype chat to catch up on the old times but the problem was Amir lived in America so it was hard to actually have a reunion together. But the craziest thing, when I came to Jordan my mum wakes me up and tells me I’m going to meet up with them. Random much? But wow, it’s like we’ve known each other all this time and never left. We got along just fine, it makes me happy to know that they’ve been trying to look for me too all this time.



Blog: Jordan

How’s it going people, I finally have some decent time on the internet so I can update this small yet growing blog.


If you read my last post then you’d know that I’ve been in Jordan for the past few days, no not the basketball player the country! Honestly I didn’t feel it was the best time to be leaving the country since it was already almost the end of my summer break but in a way I’m thankful for this trip. I really missed this incredible breeze and light warmth, in fact in this very moment I am indeed writing this on a bench outside the house, it is something that is not appreciated greatly in this modern day but when you have spent such a long amount of time in a blazing hot desert, it’s nice to be able to just relax outside with the cool wind blowing across your face.

So the plane wasn’t a very delightful experience from beginning to end especially for my uncle who was sitting next to me at the time. He began to ponder what goes through babies minds when they feel like crying. Yep, not a pleasant experience. When we finally reached Jordan and got through all of the irritating airport checkups we were pretty exhausted but my two uncles Ahmad and Hassan got into a hilarious banter which made us all feel lively by the end of the ride.

The first thing you notice about Jordan is that it’s a country on top of many many mountains, that means it’s not flat at all. It feels great to have a change of activities every now and then. So my Grandpa finally bought a new house here and it’s pretty cosy, me and Ahmad share a room together which is pretty fun since back in Doha we haven’t spent much time lately together in that sense. My uncle decided that it’s best if he purchases a new TV for our room so that we don’t disrupt the rest of the family in the living room. We ended up getting this brand called G-Guard, apparently it’s the Chinese version of sharp.. What a disaster that was. So today we ended up returning the darn thing and getting a Panasonic instead, hopefully it at least works this time. 

Ok I have a lot of stuff to talk about so in order to make it easier for you to keep up with everything, I’ll split different subjects in to different posts. Honestly I will be really surprised if you kept reading till this point (I love you) Stay tuned!

Blog: Sayonara

And so the day has come where I finally update my blog after 2 days of ignoring the thing. The reason i haven’t written in it for a while is because lately I’ve been feeling quite worried and choked. My exam results came out 2 days ago you see.. I had major trouble sleeping, ended up falling asleep around 5 AM and waking up 7 AM due to feeling extreme fear and depression. It’s funny how.. when your repeating the year, you realize how ignorant you were in the last few years.. Perhaps the thing that makes me notice this most is how I was with a different class.. Don’t get me wrong, they are good guys but they just couldn’t sit down for 10 minutes straight in a lesson.. kind of like how i was, it’s sad really, I do have major regrets. But thankfully I did well in my exams and looking forward to start IB, definitely going to change my ways for good this time, I’m not looking to mess around anymore, this is serious stuff.

I honestly hope to god you all did well in your exams whoever is reading this.. I’m being truly serious, no one deserves to go through repeating the year like that. It sucks all your energy out.. You might have a few good times.. but never any truly happy moments, I’m so relieved it’s over honestly. Best of luck to all of you, I’m off to Jordan now for a week or so, I know, it’s a pretty strange time to be travelling. I honestly don’t care, I’m just happy that I don’t have to think about those results.. I think I need a vacation honestly. Take care brothers and sisters, and thanks for reading my blog. Look forward to more updates from Jordan.

Blog: Katara Fire works

Yesterday I went out with a few good friends of mine, Adham Khaled, Ahmad Asfar and Nazareno Hossfeldt. Since it was the 2nd day of the Eid celebration, we decided to dress formally, who doesn’t like wearing a suit time to time? Indeed it was a suitable choice, although only me and Adham ended up actually wearing them. Apparently my friend Asfar has some trouble in distinguishing the difference between wearing formally and a casual shirt with the words “The One Up” written in colorful font. 


After a few hours of rather strange activities together in my room which I will not go in to detail, we finally set off to check out those Katara fireworks. This event was to celebrate Eid so it was the perfect place to go, little did i know that when we set off in Nazareno’s car did the situation turn terribly grim.


On the way to Katara we decided to make the long drive interesting by plugging in my iPhone and turning on this app that plays music from The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. Not only does it do this, the music gets more intensified the more the phone is exposed to vibration. So you can probably guess that we thought of ourselves as a couple of Banes driving in Gotham City. After getting a little to carried away, we ended up being closer to Bahrain than any Katara, Doha or even Gotham City. Stranded on the highways of the deserted area, we spent about 2 hours just trying to find our way back to civilization and by the time we got to Katara, the fireworks were already packed up. But hey it was an entertaining night out and can’t wait to meet up with the awesome gang again. For now, I’m off to see the fireworks today with my family so I guess i will end up catching them after all. 🙂



OK after seeing the views rise for my blog up to 40 after just sharing it online last night, I am quite happy that people are checking this out 🙂 Thank you!


So I started watching this anime called Cowboy Bebop, if you have watched a moderate amount of anime in your life then you have probably heard about this show at one point in time. It’s famous for it’s creatively influential music as well as the fantastic English voice acting. It has been labelled many times as one of the best if not the best animation of all time. After watching the 5th episode, I already saw the potential this show had. I found one scene in that episode which really blew my mind. Spike, the main protagonist of the show is literally chucked outside the window of an abandoned church by an important character in the story which i will not spoil for you. Beforehand, Spike injured his left eye during a brawl causing it to dilute to a red color from the blood. What i find incredible about the scene where he is falling out the window is how Spike is visioning his past through his injured eye while seeing what is happening at that moment in time, along with the emotionally moving music, it really sets the mood perfectly. Let me know what you think of it, don’t worry it wont spoil anything major, it’s definitely topped my list of best anime scenes of all time.


So let me tell you about this movie I went to watch with a friend called Nazareno a few weeks back. It’s a Japanese movie that was made back in the 1950’s and is basically centered on the morals and tradition affecting a family back in those times. It’s called Tokyo Story, and let me tell you that this movie reminded me of very important matters in family life, it was truly an incredible film despite it’s small flaws, to think that a movie that is based around Japanese 1950’s culture could have such a similar connection in our modern day lives is truly astounding. Everyone takes their mind off of their family from time to time there is no denying that we are often distracted by friends and new experiences that we at times could forget about the importance of family.

Anyways what I am trying to say here is that i really recommend all of you to watch it, even though it’s in black and white who cares? Appreciate what the creators of the film accomplished back in that time and give it a chance. I hope it all affects your life in someway like it has to mine.Image


2:30 AM

I had a great day, usually those don’t come by so often at the moment but nevertheless I try to always be thankful for what i have and ignore the irritations that make me lament. This is a place where I could talk about those lamentations although I tend to keep most of my problems to myself rather than post them on the Internet for the world to see, besides your not here to read about my issues. (whoever you are!)

So your probably wondering why I’m making a post on my blog around 2:30 AM in the morning, well you see I had a good long day and came back pretty exhausted, ended up falling asleep for a few hours and waking up around this time, great. So since I’m up I might as well write up more stuff for my blog and give it some good stuff to read up. Please mind that this is my first time writing up a blog and I would really appreciate any opinions on what I write about whatsoever so please leave a comment if your feeling generous.