So let me tell you about this movie I went to watch with a friend called Nazareno a few weeks back. It’s a Japanese movie that was made back in the 1950’s and is basically centered on the morals and tradition affecting a family back in those times. It’s called Tokyo Story, and let me tell you that this movie reminded me of very important matters in family life, it was truly an incredible film despite it’s small flaws, to think that a movie that is based around Japanese 1950’s culture could have such a similar connection in our modern day lives is truly astounding. Everyone takes their mind off of their family from time to time there is no denying that we are often distracted by friends and new experiences that we at times could forget about the importance of family.

Anyways what I am trying to say here is that i really recommend all of you to watch it, even though it’s in black and white who cares? Appreciate what the creators of the film accomplished back in that time and give it a chance. I hope it all affects your life in someway like it has to mine.Image



3 thoughts on “Family.

  1. I very much liked your article. It gives me bluring memories when I was a kid. However, you need to improve your grammar and punctuation to become a good writer. If I could mark your article, I would give you 4/10. Because your article is boring and pretty much not original. I am sorry but its simply weak and its weakness comes from the little the author has.

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