OK after seeing the views rise for my blog up to 40 after just sharing it online last night, I am quite happy that people are checking this out đŸ™‚ Thank you!


So I started watching this anime called Cowboy Bebop, if you have watched a moderate amount of anime in your life then you have probably heard about this show at one point in time. It’s famous for it’s creatively influential music as well as the fantastic English voice acting. It has been labelled many times as one of the best if not the best animation of all time. After watching the 5th episode, I already saw the potential this show had. I found one scene in that episode which really blew my mind. Spike, the main protagonist of the show is literally chucked outside the window of an abandoned church by an important character in the story which i will not spoil for you. Beforehand, Spike injured his left eye during a brawl causing it to dilute to a red color from the blood. What i find incredible about the scene where he is falling out the window is how Spike is visioning his past through his injured eye while seeing what is happening at that moment in time, along with the emotionally moving music, it really sets the mood perfectly. Let me know what you think of it, don’t worry it wont spoil anything major, it’s definitely topped my list of best anime scenes of all time.


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