Blog: Katara Fire works

Yesterday I went out with a few good friends of mine, Adham Khaled, Ahmad Asfar and Nazareno Hossfeldt. Since it was the 2nd day of the Eid celebration, we decided to dress formally, who doesn’t like wearing a suit time to time? Indeed it was a suitable choice, although only me and Adham ended up actually wearing them. Apparently my friend Asfar has some trouble in distinguishing the difference between wearing formally and a casual shirt with the words “The One Up” written in colorful font. 


After a few hours of rather strange activities together in my room which I will not go in to detail, we finally set off to check out those Katara fireworks. This event was to celebrate Eid so it was the perfect place to go, little did i know that when we set off in Nazareno’s car did the situation turn terribly grim.


On the way to Katara we decided to make the long drive interesting by plugging in my iPhone and turning on this app that plays music from The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. Not only does it do this, the music gets more intensified the more the phone is exposed to vibration. So you can probably guess that we thought of ourselves as a couple of Banes driving in Gotham City. After getting a little to carried away, we ended up being closer to Bahrain than any Katara, Doha or even Gotham City. Stranded on the highways of the deserted area, we spent about 2 hours just trying to find our way back to civilization and by the time we got to Katara, the fireworks were already packed up. But hey it was an entertaining night out and can’t wait to meet up with the awesome gang again. For now, I’m off to see the fireworks today with my family so I guess i will end up catching them after all. 🙂



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