Blog: Sayonara

And so the day has come where I finally update my blog after 2 days of ignoring the thing. The reason i haven’t written in it for a while is because lately I’ve been feeling quite worried and choked. My exam results came out 2 days ago you see.. I had major trouble sleeping, ended up falling asleep around 5 AM and waking up 7 AM due to feeling extreme fear and depression. It’s funny how.. when your repeating the year, you realize how ignorant you were in the last few years.. Perhaps the thing that makes me notice this most is how I was with a different class.. Don’t get me wrong, they are good guys but they just couldn’t sit down for 10 minutes straight in a lesson.. kind of like how i was, it’s sad really, I do have major regrets. But thankfully I did well in my exams and looking forward to start IB, definitely going to change my ways for good this time, I’m not looking to mess around anymore, this is serious stuff.

I honestly hope to god you all did well in your exams whoever is reading this.. I’m being truly serious, no one deserves to go through repeating the year like that. It sucks all your energy out.. You might have a few good times.. but never any truly happy moments, I’m so relieved it’s over honestly. Best of luck to all of you, I’m off to Jordan now for a week or so, I know, it’s a pretty strange time to be travelling. I honestly don’t care, I’m just happy that I don’t have to think about those results.. I think I need a vacation honestly. Take care brothers and sisters, and thanks for reading my blog. Look forward to more updates from Jordan.


One thought on “Blog: Sayonara

  1. Reading this was very emotional. It feels like you were in a washing machine, solving problems that twist you, spin you and knock you around, but you come out cleaner , brighter and better than before. Well done.

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