Blog: Jordan

How’s it going people, I finally have some decent time on the internet so I can update this small yet growing blog.


If you read my last post then you’d know that I’ve been in Jordan for the past few days, no not the basketball player the country! Honestly I didn’t feel it was the best time to be leaving the country since it was already almost the end of my summer break but in a way I’m thankful for this trip. I really missed this incredible breeze and light warmth, in fact in this very moment I am indeed writing this on a bench outside the house, it is something that is not appreciated greatly in this modern day but when you have spent such a long amount of time in a blazing hot desert, it’s nice to be able to just relax outside with the cool wind blowing across your face.

So the plane wasn’t a very delightful experience from beginning to end especially for my uncle who was sitting next to me at the time. He began to ponder what goes through babies minds when they feel like crying. Yep, not a pleasant experience. When we finally reached Jordan and got through all of the irritating airport checkups we were pretty exhausted but my two uncles Ahmad and Hassan got into a hilarious banter which made us all feel lively by the end of the ride.

The first thing you notice about Jordan is that it’s a country on top of many many mountains, that means it’s not flat at all. It feels great to have a change of activities every now and then. So my Grandpa finally bought a new house here and it’s pretty cosy, me and Ahmad share a room together which is pretty fun since back in Doha we haven’t spent much time lately together in that sense. My uncle decided that it’s best if he purchases a new TV for our room so that we don’t disrupt the rest of the family in the living room. We ended up getting this brand called G-Guard, apparently it’s the Chinese version of sharp.. What a disaster that was. So today we ended up returning the darn thing and getting a Panasonic instead, hopefully it at least works this time. 

Ok I have a lot of stuff to talk about so in order to make it easier for you to keep up with everything, I’ll split different subjects in to different posts. Honestly I will be really surprised if you kept reading till this point (I love you) Stay tuned!


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