Blog: Exhaustions unspent


Yeah.. it’s the end of the weekend, which means the end of the deadline. I haven’t been able to get sometime to myself since IB started, it’s a lot of work. Since the beginning of this week I’ve been longing for the weekend because of the exhaustion.. perhaps it’s just the beginning of a difficult and long run but still.. it takes some getting used to. Wednesday 5pm, I get a phone call from my buddy Nazareno requesting if I wanted to join his team in creating a 5 minute film for the 48 Hour Doha Film Institute competition, I have a massive passion for film as it is something I feel I can understand deeply so it would of been foolhardy if I declined the offer, of course I took it.. Besides, I even mentioned earlier on the blog that I wanted to start making short films right? Looks like I wasn’t getting any rest this weekend.

Thursday after school, my excitement skyrockets to new heights, we had it all.. the equipment consisting of 3 great cameras, boom mics and even set lights! The equipment was brilliant and all we needed was the editing software which we later acquired through an iMac. Nazareno picked me up and we headed straight to Katara to pick up the documents for the competition. On the way, I met the other two team mates that were with us, Bayu and Daniel, you could say we quickly understood each other due to the same interests we had in film.


Me and Daniel rehearsing our serious looks. As you can see, Daniel is winning.

After Katara, we got back to Naza’s house; we decided we should start off with the script.. and that’s where things began to crumble in different proportions. The limited amount of time proved to become stressful, instead of working on the script we felt we needed to go and start filming as soon as possible, going from many different locations such as the interior and exterior of the house, the roof and even my house. And that’s where I think the shit hit the fan (Excuse me for the language).


Script in the movie, in our movie. Scriptception.

Not only was it because of this, many different distractions kept on multiplying and created a huge amount of wasted time. It’s a shame, we really could of made something great.. We had the idea in our minds the whole time but if only we just sat there and worked on that script first thing before moving on to anything, perhaps we could of made it in time.. But unfortunately in the end, we didn’t manage to finish the film by the deadline.. which was at 7pm today.


Hopefully we can make something out of these scenes though. Don’t you want to see this too?

Am I ashamed? No not really, I think a better word to describe it is down. Although at the same time I felt like I had a great experience.. We made some mistakes but I think this has taught me many new things and I hope to apply them correctly next time. This is definitely not the end, as I said.. I really want to begin making short films online, but yeah.. What a weekend. One more thing to say about the situation, perhaps I do feel down about this but it’s probably Nazareno who’s the one more affected in this situation. He was the main director so I’d understand why, but if your reading this by any chance I hope we can co-operate on future projects again. Just because this one didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we can’t nail it next time.


Ok, your lying if you say you don’t wanna know what’s going on here!

In conclusion, if you’ve read this post all the way down to here I cannot express how thankful I am. It’s people like you who really make me happy especially at times like these. A lot happened in the past week, and perhaps I didn’t manage to make as much time for others.. But I will hopefully do my best in trying to change that. For now, I am going to bed.. school tomorrow, ugh.. Don’t get me wrong it’s good but hella exhausting, another week to get by. Adios


Blog: Top 10 most irritating phrases.



Joe Pesci in the movie GoodFellas. A good description of character for the emotions dealt after hearing these phrases.

Decided to make a top 10 today. So in this modern day we hear a lot of phrases and words mostly created from the internet perhaps? And that doesn’t mean their useful in anyway so people please stop saying them… Please..

10. OMG. This word is so overused these days it’s impossible not to hear this in a conversation with someone, especially if they tend to gossip. But the worst way people say this is in it’s letter form. OH EM GEE THIS OH EM GEE THAT OH EM Shut it please.

9. DIAF/Die in a fire. Although it’s definitely way less used than the previous one, it’s extremely annoying to see people on the internet especially just saying this to each other as if it’s fun or something. Wow, really nice you know. I’m gonna go tell my friends to DIAF now.

8. FAIL. Everyone experiences failure at one point or the other. And yeah let’s face it, the truth is inevitable, your going to laugh at who ever went through it. Maybe even say fail every one in a while? Not for 99.999% of the world. It is almost a necessity to shout out FAIL whenever something of the like happens, it’s really growing old in this point of time.

7. Like. OK everyone says this I know and your probably thinking “Buzz you probably say the hell out of this word too” I won’t lie, there are times when I even blurt this out too much but wow.. When you hear girls gossiping about their extremely interesting lives this really gets your headache going.

6. THIS IS SPARTA. I see this on so many videos online, mainly through YouTube’s comment section. The movie was good sure but that was an extremely cheesy line.. Why care? Why.. please tell me.. Why use this a few years after the movies been out? When will it end..

5. u mad bro!? 9gag is like the language of teenagers these days.. They get almost 100% of their jokes from that site. This one.. well at least they stopped saying it as much but wow.. such a creative website with such stupid content. It was designed to entertain you when your very bored, so how about we keep it that way instead of going on during lessons? Get productive.

4. Anything Written Like This. Yep, nothing is more irritating than someone trying to prove they’re smart on the internet by typing in capital letters for the beginning of each word. No, sorry trolls this doesn’t prove your a genius, in fact the opposite instead. Congratulosers

3. Typingggg likee thissss. I don’t get it. Why do girls think this is a cute way to chat or something? It just makes me read out the sentences in my head in an annoying voice, when is this madness going to end.

2. SWAG. Here we go.. One of the most unintelligent disappointments of our generation. Honestly I don’t even like talking about this word because of how idiotic it is but I guess I could make a few comments. People who think “Swagger” is a cool thing to say should go somewhere by themselves and think deep down about what they are doing with their lives. Horrendous

1. YOLO.  You probably guessed it, the most irritating word I have ever had to be forced to listen to almost everyday for the past few months is.. shudders* yolo. Apparently some douche bag pop singer came up with this word and since then people just don’t want to keep their mouths shut about it. A truly disappointing symbol of the “creativity” of our current generation indeed.

Blog: Help me decide!

Alright last blog post for the day I think I’ve posted enough to make up for the times I’ve missed, hopefully I can manage to squeeze in an update every now and then while I’m attending school.

Anyway I wanted to ask you all for some advice, I want to start posting some media on the blog, at the moment it seems like it’s all just consisting of text and we all know that not everyone is bothered to read through all this so it’s time to get creative and make some media content for the blog, I want to create this media with like one video a week perhaps? I was thinking of making some short films, and not ones where I mess around, actually ones where I write a short script. It could really help me with my CAS in school as well so it’s a plus along with the fact that I enjoy making films. I also thought about making gameplay videos with my friend Shams where we would play through horror games and at the same time you could hear us pissing our pants through the microphone. Both seem like a good idea but I’d love to know what you guys think. Please tell me what you would like to see weekly on the blog between these two, thanks for the support!

Blog: Thoughts on the Wii U conference

I went to bed last night smiling like an idiot.. And I don’t really remember but I probably woke up the same way too.. Since August I’ve been looking forward to the Wii U conference that happened yesterday, it’s supposed to be an event streamed online live where you find out how much the new console Wii U is going to cost, when is it coming out and what are the games coming out with it on launch day.


Reggie brought the thunder without breaking a sweat.

Of course me and Shams had to plan where we were going to watch this thing, it ended up being back at my place so I set up my PC to be on the big screen, you could say “our bodies were ready” for this event. After the disappointing E3 conference we needed something like this.. And I’m glad to say I was very happy about what they showed yesterday, if you don’t believe me ask Shams.. He’ll tell you I beat him up because of the excitement.


Too much of this was shown during E3, why Nintendo, why?

Ok let’s start off with the date of launch, it’s November 18th and I kind of already knew this because they were in the rumors for the past few months but either way, it’s a great date which is close to boxing day so definitely a smart move by Nintendo. There are two bundles of the console, one is a White basic one which comes with the console and controller as well as other necessary components, it also contains 8GB of memory built in to the system for downloads, this will cost 300$ There is also a Black one which is called the “Deluxe” edition, this comes with a game packed in with it (Nintendo Land) as well as other extra peripherals for the console and controller, it also comes with special discounts for online purchases so I think I’m going for the Deluxe edition which will cost 350$ I think it’s honestly worth the extra price due to the discounts and the free game.


Later on they showed the entertainment side of the Wii U which will be called “Nintendo TVii” I know I agree it’s a stupid name but the concept was very interesting, it integrates Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant video as well as Tivo in to the application, you can also integrate with twitter and other online social components, by what they showed through this trailer I think it’s very interesting but I doubt I’d be able to use it even if I wanted to since it probably will only be available in the US 😦 But either way check out this trailer, it’s pretty cool.

But in the end it all comes down to games and even though I was already very pleased with the linup of games coming on launch, I was extremely happy to see Activision give there support for the console with 007 Legends and Black Ops II. Even though I’m not that in to COD I will agree that it is an important game to have on a console so well done. Platinum games was up next and showed great footage of Project P-100 which is now called “The Wonderful 101” It’s a weird name but I like it some reason. But the biggest surprise of the show is definitely when they showed this trailer from Platinum Games…

BAYONETTA 2!!! Ok this is a dream come true, having a game like this on the console is going to seriously please the hard core crowd. The reason why it’s exclusive to the WII U is because Sega (The Publisher) didn’t want to publish a sequel to the first one due to poor sales. And since Sega has been going through a crisis lately, it probably would of never seen the light of day, but that’s when Nintendo swooped in and took the publishing job for them.. This is amazing news.. I seriously smacked the hell out of Shams when this was shown 0_o


But the internet didn’t seem to think the same as I do.. I went on twitter and noticed that Bayonetta 2 was trending and a smile instantly stuck on my face, but then I see the kind of posts people are making, they seem to be very angry that it’s only for Wii U and not for the consoles it started on (PS3 and 360) I even saw some death threats to the creator of the game, this is truly disgusting behavior. Ok I understand you might be irritated that it’s not coming to the console it was first on but get it through your heads, it wasn’t going to come in the first place because of Sega, if Nintendo didn’t pick up the Publishing rights it wouldn’t of been able to even be released anywhere. What’s better, not getting the game on your console or not getting it at all? I never planned on getting a PS3 until I saw Metal Gear, and even though the games on Wii managed to keep me busy all these years, I still missed out on many multiplatform games due to the fact that I couldn’t afford buying games for the Wii and PS3 at the same time. So after all these years the Wii owners have missed out on many of those games and yet you are now complaining for one game that is not coming for you. GET OVER IT! If you were true fans and wanted it that badly then you would just go and buy the console.

Anyway that’s all I have to say about the conference, very happy about Bayonetta 2 indeed, and I’ll hopefully preorder my Wii U along with Zombi U and Rayman Legends, definitely games worthy of my money. 🙂 I still got a lot of stuff I wanna write about so stay tuned for later, I gotta go out and do something for now.

Blog: First week of School

So I know I haven’t updated the blog anytime recently and that’s because I’ve just been so busy with preparing and going to school for the past 2 weeks. Sunday was the first day of school, I’m in Doha Montessori now and so far it’s been pretty good. Managed to get along with most of the people, teachers are a massive improvement from my last school and so is the education. I’m really pleased with the first week I’ve had, even though I might of gotten quite a lot of homework, I honestly don’t mind it at all.. I’m in IB now.. I have to change for the better.


 Wow what a first week though.. So I’m taking 6 subjects and one of those was Theatre Arts, although it ended up changing into Music.. that’s fine by me! Either option seems great, since Newton probably wouldn’t have either of those in a million years.. When I first saw the Music room I think I was going to tear up with happiness.. So many instruments.. Of any kind you can possibly think of, it’s awesome. The first few lessons I had in it though were all theory work, so I went to school on Thursday feeling a bit annoyed that I’d have to study some music theory first thing on a Thursday morning.. boy was I wrong.


 Our teacher split us in to two groups, So I was with 3 other people, we ended up going to the other room where most of the instruments are at. I picked up a bass guitar while the other two took two guitars and the drum set. I never used a bass guitar before but I sort of understood the basics because I have some experience in guitar.. We had to compose a song together, so we ended up making one on the spot that was a bit simple and generic but man.. It’s been a long time since I have experienced something like that.. It was an amazing feeling just jamming with a few people who understand music the way you do.. I can’t wait to do it again, definitely made my day!