Blog: First week of School

So I know I haven’t updated the blog anytime recently and that’s because I’ve just been so busy with preparing and going to school for the past 2 weeks. Sunday was the first day of school, I’m in Doha Montessori now and so far it’s been pretty good. Managed to get along with most of the people, teachers are a massive improvement from my last school and so is the education. I’m really pleased with the first week I’ve had, even though I might of gotten quite a lot of homework, I honestly don’t mind it at all.. I’m in IB now.. I have to change for the better.


 Wow what a first week though.. So I’m taking 6 subjects and one of those was Theatre Arts, although it ended up changing into Music.. that’s fine by me! Either option seems great, since Newton probably wouldn’t have either of those in a million years.. When I first saw the Music room I think I was going to tear up with happiness.. So many instruments.. Of any kind you can possibly think of, it’s awesome. The first few lessons I had in it though were all theory work, so I went to school on Thursday feeling a bit annoyed that I’d have to study some music theory first thing on a Thursday morning.. boy was I wrong.


 Our teacher split us in to two groups, So I was with 3 other people, we ended up going to the other room where most of the instruments are at. I picked up a bass guitar while the other two took two guitars and the drum set. I never used a bass guitar before but I sort of understood the basics because I have some experience in guitar.. We had to compose a song together, so we ended up making one on the spot that was a bit simple and generic but man.. It’s been a long time since I have experienced something like that.. It was an amazing feeling just jamming with a few people who understand music the way you do.. I can’t wait to do it again, definitely made my day!


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