Blog: Help me decide!

Alright last blog post for the day I think I’ve posted enough to make up for the times I’ve missed, hopefully I can manage to squeeze in an update every now and then while I’m attending school.

Anyway I wanted to ask you all for some advice, I want to start posting some media on the blog, at the moment it seems like it’s all just consisting of text and we all know that not everyone is bothered to read through all this so it’s time to get creative and make some media content for the blog, I want to create this media with like one video a week perhaps? I was thinking of making some short films, and not ones where I mess around, actually ones where I write a short script. It could really help me with my CAS in school as well so it’s a plus along with the fact that I enjoy making films. I also thought about making gameplay videos with my friend Shams where we would play through horror games and at the same time you could hear us pissing our pants through the microphone. Both seem like a good idea but I’d love to know what you guys think. Please tell me what you would like to see weekly on the blog between these two, thanks for the support!


One thought on “Blog: Help me decide!

  1. Hahahhaahha shams! xD although gameplay videos would be hillarious, i prefer short films. Although i would like to see u guys play through slender and film it, tht would make my day :p

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