Blog: Thoughts on the Wii U conference

I went to bed last night smiling like an idiot.. And I don’t really remember but I probably woke up the same way too.. Since August I’ve been looking forward to the Wii U conference that happened yesterday, it’s supposed to be an event streamed online live where you find out how much the new console Wii U is going to cost, when is it coming out and what are the games coming out with it on launch day.


Reggie brought the thunder without breaking a sweat.

Of course me and Shams had to plan where we were going to watch this thing, it ended up being back at my place so I set up my PC to be on the big screen, you could say “our bodies were ready” for this event. After the disappointing E3 conference we needed something like this.. And I’m glad to say I was very happy about what they showed yesterday, if you don’t believe me ask Shams.. He’ll tell you I beat him up because of the excitement.


Too much of this was shown during E3, why Nintendo, why?

Ok let’s start off with the date of launch, it’s November 18th and I kind of already knew this because they were in the rumors for the past few months but either way, it’s a great date which is close to boxing day so definitely a smart move by Nintendo. There are two bundles of the console, one is a White basic one which comes with the console and controller as well as other necessary components, it also contains 8GB of memory built in to the system for downloads, this will cost 300$ There is also a Black one which is called the “Deluxe” edition, this comes with a game packed in with it (Nintendo Land) as well as other extra peripherals for the console and controller, it also comes with special discounts for online purchases so I think I’m going for the Deluxe edition which will cost 350$ I think it’s honestly worth the extra price due to the discounts and the free game.


Later on they showed the entertainment side of the Wii U which will be called “Nintendo TVii” I know I agree it’s a stupid name but the concept was very interesting, it integrates Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant video as well as Tivo in to the application, you can also integrate with twitter and other online social components, by what they showed through this trailer I think it’s very interesting but I doubt I’d be able to use it even if I wanted to since it probably will only be available in the US 😦 But either way check out this trailer, it’s pretty cool.

But in the end it all comes down to games and even though I was already very pleased with the linup of games coming on launch, I was extremely happy to see Activision give there support for the console with 007 Legends and Black Ops II. Even though I’m not that in to COD I will agree that it is an important game to have on a console so well done. Platinum games was up next and showed great footage of Project P-100 which is now called “The Wonderful 101” It’s a weird name but I like it some reason. But the biggest surprise of the show is definitely when they showed this trailer from Platinum Games…

BAYONETTA 2!!! Ok this is a dream come true, having a game like this on the console is going to seriously please the hard core crowd. The reason why it’s exclusive to the WII U is because Sega (The Publisher) didn’t want to publish a sequel to the first one due to poor sales. And since Sega has been going through a crisis lately, it probably would of never seen the light of day, but that’s when Nintendo swooped in and took the publishing job for them.. This is amazing news.. I seriously smacked the hell out of Shams when this was shown 0_o


But the internet didn’t seem to think the same as I do.. I went on twitter and noticed that Bayonetta 2 was trending and a smile instantly stuck on my face, but then I see the kind of posts people are making, they seem to be very angry that it’s only for Wii U and not for the consoles it started on (PS3 and 360) I even saw some death threats to the creator of the game, this is truly disgusting behavior. Ok I understand you might be irritated that it’s not coming to the console it was first on but get it through your heads, it wasn’t going to come in the first place because of Sega, if Nintendo didn’t pick up the Publishing rights it wouldn’t of been able to even be released anywhere. What’s better, not getting the game on your console or not getting it at all? I never planned on getting a PS3 until I saw Metal Gear, and even though the games on Wii managed to keep me busy all these years, I still missed out on many multiplatform games due to the fact that I couldn’t afford buying games for the Wii and PS3 at the same time. So after all these years the Wii owners have missed out on many of those games and yet you are now complaining for one game that is not coming for you. GET OVER IT! If you were true fans and wanted it that badly then you would just go and buy the console.

Anyway that’s all I have to say about the conference, very happy about Bayonetta 2 indeed, and I’ll hopefully preorder my Wii U along with Zombi U and Rayman Legends, definitely games worthy of my money. 🙂 I still got a lot of stuff I wanna write about so stay tuned for later, I gotta go out and do something for now.


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