Blog: Top 10 most irritating phrases.



Joe Pesci in the movie GoodFellas. A good description of character for the emotions dealt after hearing these phrases.

Decided to make a top 10 today. So in this modern day we hear a lot of phrases and words mostly created from the internet perhaps? And that doesn’t mean their useful in anyway so people please stop saying them… Please..

10. OMG. This word is so overused these days it’s impossible not to hear this in a conversation with someone, especially if they tend to gossip. But the worst way people say this is in it’s letter form. OH EM GEE THIS OH EM GEE THAT OH EM Shut it please.

9. DIAF/Die in a fire. Although it’s definitely way less used than the previous one, it’s extremely annoying to see people on the internet especially just saying this to each other as if it’s fun or something. Wow, really nice you know. I’m gonna go tell my friends to DIAF now.

8. FAIL. Everyone experiences failure at one point or the other. And yeah let’s face it, the truth is inevitable, your going to laugh at who ever went through it. Maybe even say fail every one in a while? Not for 99.999% of the world. It is almost a necessity to shout out FAIL whenever something of the like happens, it’s really growing old in this point of time.

7. Like. OK everyone says this I know and your probably thinking “Buzz you probably say the hell out of this word too” I won’t lie, there are times when I even blurt this out too much but wow.. When you hear girls gossiping about their extremely interesting lives this really gets your headache going.

6. THIS IS SPARTA. I see this on so many videos online, mainly through YouTube’s comment section. The movie was good sure but that was an extremely cheesy line.. Why care? Why.. please tell me.. Why use this a few years after the movies been out? When will it end..

5. u mad bro!? 9gag is like the language of teenagers these days.. They get almost 100% of their jokes from that site. This one.. well at least they stopped saying it as much but wow.. such a creative website with such stupid content. It was designed to entertain you when your very bored, so how about we keep it that way instead of going on during lessons? Get productive.

4. Anything Written Like This. Yep, nothing is more irritating than someone trying to prove they’re smart on the internet by typing in capital letters for the beginning of each word. No, sorry trolls this doesn’t prove your a genius, in fact the opposite instead. Congratulosers

3. Typingggg likee thissss. I don’t get it. Why do girls think this is a cute way to chat or something? It just makes me read out the sentences in my head in an annoying voice, when is this madness going to end.

2. SWAG. Here we go.. One of the most unintelligent disappointments of our generation. Honestly I don’t even like talking about this word because of how idiotic it is but I guess I could make a few comments. People who think “Swagger” is a cool thing to say should go somewhere by themselves and think deep down about what they are doing with their lives. Horrendous

1. YOLO.  You probably guessed it, the most irritating word I have ever had to be forced to listen to almost everyday for the past few months is.. shudders* yolo. Apparently some douche bag pop singer came up with this word and since then people just don’t want to keep their mouths shut about it. A truly disappointing symbol of the “creativity” of our current generation indeed.


2 thoughts on “Blog: Top 10 most irritating phrases.

  1. FML: What’s more annoying than to chat with a half-minded person screaming out “FML! FML” to get some attension from people around him. It surely makes him look stupid and makes me wanna go bitchslap that ass!

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