Blog: Exhaustions unspent


Yeah.. it’s the end of the weekend, which means the end of the deadline. I haven’t been able to get sometime to myself since IB started, it’s a lot of work. Since the beginning of this week I’ve been longing for the weekend because of the exhaustion.. perhaps it’s just the beginning of a difficult and long run but still.. it takes some getting used to. Wednesday 5pm, I get a phone call from my buddy Nazareno requesting if I wanted to join his team in creating a 5 minute film for the 48 Hour Doha Film Institute competition, I have a massive passion for film as it is something I feel I can understand deeply so it would of been foolhardy if I declined the offer, of course I took it.. Besides, I even mentioned earlier on the blog that I wanted to start making short films right? Looks like I wasn’t getting any rest this weekend.

Thursday after school, my excitement skyrockets to new heights, we had it all.. the equipment consisting of 3 great cameras, boom mics and even set lights! The equipment was brilliant and all we needed was the editing software which we later acquired through an iMac. Nazareno picked me up and we headed straight to Katara to pick up the documents for the competition. On the way, I met the other two team mates that were with us, Bayu and Daniel, you could say we quickly understood each other due to the same interests we had in film.


Me and Daniel rehearsing our serious looks. As you can see, Daniel is winning.

After Katara, we got back to Naza’s house; we decided we should start off with the script.. and that’s where things began to crumble in different proportions. The limited amount of time proved to become stressful, instead of working on the script we felt we needed to go and start filming as soon as possible, going from many different locations such as the interior and exterior of the house, the roof and even my house. And that’s where I think the shit hit the fan (Excuse me for the language).


Script in the movie, in our movie. Scriptception.

Not only was it because of this, many different distractions kept on multiplying and created a huge amount of wasted time. It’s a shame, we really could of made something great.. We had the idea in our minds the whole time but if only we just sat there and worked on that script first thing before moving on to anything, perhaps we could of made it in time.. But unfortunately in the end, we didn’t manage to finish the film by the deadline.. which was at 7pm today.


Hopefully we can make something out of these scenes though. Don’t you want to see this too?

Am I ashamed? No not really, I think a better word to describe it is down. Although at the same time I felt like I had a great experience.. We made some mistakes but I think this has taught me many new things and I hope to apply them correctly next time. This is definitely not the end, as I said.. I really want to begin making short films online, but yeah.. What a weekend. One more thing to say about the situation, perhaps I do feel down about this but it’s probably Nazareno who’s the one more affected in this situation. He was the main director so I’d understand why, but if your reading this by any chance I hope we can co-operate on future projects again. Just because this one didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we can’t nail it next time.


Ok, your lying if you say you don’t wanna know what’s going on here!

In conclusion, if you’ve read this post all the way down to here I cannot express how thankful I am. It’s people like you who really make me happy especially at times like these. A lot happened in the past week, and perhaps I didn’t manage to make as much time for others.. But I will hopefully do my best in trying to change that. For now, I am going to bed.. school tomorrow, ugh.. Don’t get me wrong it’s good but hella exhausting, another week to get by. Adios


3 thoughts on “Blog: Exhaustions unspent

  1. Ey man, fantastic post, i dont usually read bblogs but yours is very interesting in a way i can not describe. Anywayz keep ranting bro, and youd probably make epic shory videos if u try so good luck!

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