Self-directed entry

Well I guess IB took over most of my free time to continue posts on this blog. I don’t even remember the last time I wrote a post here.. probably like 6-7 months ago? Whatever. I think I’m going to be using this when I really do feel like typing some things down. It probably won’t relate to most of you much so if you don’t enjoy reading them, then don’t.

So it’s summer once again, I think this is around the time I first started this piece of shit. I have to say, quite a lot has changed since that time. I left the school I was mindlessly attending for years and years, grew apart from old friends and became closer to new ones, discovered something I would of never realized back in Newton, my passion for playing music and even extrapolated my genre of film thanks to a certain friend who really knows what hes on about when it comes to that subject.

So far its been a pretty laid back and mellow summer, honestly I like it this way because throughout the year I was just yearning for this kind of break for months and months. Nothing seemed like enough though.. although now I feel I’ve gotten enough rest. It really does feel like a peaceful and happy time, although at the same time I can’t help but feel a bit down at times.. Perhaps it’s because I just haven’t seen some friends in a while, though not necessarily because they don’t want to and more because they can’t. Is it healthy to worry sometimes like this? I’m even getting confused in my own personal thoughts of reasoning. Or maybe it’s because one of my best friends is leaving the country for good in a few weeks.. It just seems surreal that its happening, when you’re friends with someone this long it begins to seem like nothings ever going to change.

Heck I’m going to see these buddies of mine today. They are pretty laid back when it comes to this situation so I guess they’re fine with it. Maybe I should be the same.. I bet they wouldn’t even read through the first paragraph of this, haha.

There’s just too much stuff on my mind to write down on this type of situation so I honestly can’t be bothered anymore.

I know we’ve had some short lived conversations as of late but I hope we can still be close.. You’re a special friend. Excuse me, I found that very offensive.