At this point, I’m just using this blog to reflect on myself.. I guess that’s pretty much it. So when I’m up at 4:22AM writing about depression and escapism, it’s pretty much me telling myself to get over it… I guess?

I just want to talk about something thats helped me get through most of my hardships of my life, thats movies, music, games.. but at this point, its really about games, mainly one game. That’s Chrono Trigger.

It hasn’t been the best of times lately.. though it could be worse I suppose.. so should I feel better? Meh, don’t really think I can anyway. Theres always something that everyone has as a means of escaping reality. Like I said before, it could be any sort of media that you’re into, be it a special movie from your childhood or heck.. even a potato that you’ve managed to keep from rotting for the past 10 years.. I’m sorry that wasn’t funny at all. Video games is something I’ve grown up, its taught me me many things.. its pretty much shaped the person I am today.. some people tend to not take it to seriously, and thats completely fine.. they just haven’t experienced it in the way I have..

I played a game on the last month of last year and managed to finish it on the last day of 2012. It was one of the most satisfying experiences in a game I’ve ever played. Everything about it just blew me away, the way it managed to hold up after 18 years through its visuals, engrossing storyline and mechanics that always make you have great fun. But the thing I felt more attached to than anything was the soundtrack, this is something I feel, complimented the game perfectly.. even now, tunes of this masterful soundtrack are rushing through my head. When I think of Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack, I can’t even think of a single song that wasn’t memorable.

And I’m not the only one who felt this way. This soundtrack is loved by most gamers who have had the chance to experience it, even non-gamers.. In fact, it is the most remixed video game soundtrack to date.

Definitely one of my favorites, a great cover.

When I finished this game, I had a mild depression where I couldn’t adapt to my new environment, all I could think of is wanting things to be the way they used to be.. I really feel this game.. especially its soundtrack, has helped me ease into change.. going with the flow of time.. just like how the game is about traveling through time itself.

One that isn’t mentioned much, this is one of those songs that don’t seem much at first, but then grow to become something deeply special.

I could sit here and write about how this is much more than just a damn video game.. But everyone has different interests.. but at least we can all manage to perhaps enjoy beautiful music.. just because its from a video game doesn’t mean its obsolete.. it really is a work of art. To me at least. And now.. I’m up till almost 5, just trying to talk about how I feel.. yet I’m not the type to talk about my personal issues on the internet in depth.. So I guess music would be the greatest way I can relate to somehow..

Anyway.. if you’ve managed to read all the way through this, thank you very much for giving this a go.. Whether you’re a complete stranger who’s just into this as much as I am, or a true friend. I really appreciate it, whoever you are. I guess I’ll leave you with a very meaningful piece from the game.. its called To good friends, a fitting end to this I guess. I’ll post the midi one from the game since honestly.. I feel it holds up.

I hope you are doing well.