Regression and contemplation

Another completely random moment in time to start up another blog for my own sense of release. For this post, I think I’ll discuss recent times, random experiences and thoughts that come to mind, this time I’ll get straight to points.

So it’s the first week of school after our one week holiday. Would I call it a holiday though? If you ask any student studying in IB, they’re going to start complaining about how horrible their lifestyles were and how it was just for the sole purpose of catching up with any work. Although I am tightly surrounded with deadlines, I’d still say that I had a relatively enjoyable break from all the chaos that ensues in the premises of high school. I do feel that I really needed this break though, not only for the purpose of exhaustion from work but for other personal reasons that I feel really impacted my own personality, I think this break was well needed to just get away from all of this, I tried to stay away from the internet as much as possible and worked on some of the music I’ve been composing. Other highlights I can think of during the week was the time I went to go watch the Metallica movie with my school buddy, Ibra. I haven’t been so into Metallica for a few years now, but I guess it was a fun experience to go and see some of the old hits I enjoyed, although I would say the plot they tried to shoehorn in was a complete cesspool, and that was justified as I skimmed through the credits and noticed the “Written by – Lars Ulrich” plastered largely on the screen.


“Um, lets like, um make a movie about, um, Metallica making money, and um, how I saved the industry from like, the scumbags at, um, napster.”

Probably the best time I had was with my uncle Ahmad and his friends out in the desert enjoying a bbq with instruments ranging from guitars, flutes and harmonicas to even kazoos (Hilarious!) heck I even brought along my buddy, Kevinash and it was pretty much a blast just all gathering round and playing mafia, not to mention the occasional gazing into telescopes.


Here is a photo of a Nebula we managed to capture on photo through the telescope during our Wakra trip.

Although now, that all flew by so quick and I’m back to the uncomfortable reality that is high school. All I can feel so far is that I wish I could just be over and done with it, just be flying on my way to somewhere far away from Doha. Don’t get me wrong, I love Doha so much but at the same time, I need to experience a different environment. I find it amazing and at the same time.. terrifying how some people have made such a large impact on me that I would feel comfortable allowing such people to know so much about me. I guess that isn’t such a good thing at times.. I guess I’m writing this because I just want to remind myself that even though I could be facing issues in life, what is a satisfying life if there were no problems to be faced at first? I mean heck, I had some good times this holiday and even though schools started again, I know that there will be some new memories ahead of me.

On random notes that I would just like to talk about. Games I’ve been playing recently are the first Resident Evil, The Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD and Pokemon X. Speaking of Pokemon, I haven’t been such a big fan for a long time, I just find other jrpgs to be more enjoyable, but this new one is relatively a very good improvement so far, though I have a major complaint and thats the music. Some outdoor themes are great and memorable but the battle music is awful so far, they’re totally abusing this cheesy ass electric guitar tone in every battle theme, nevertheless, its pretty cool, heck I can battle with my friends abroad with voice chat.

This put’s X/Y’s battle music to shame.

In light of my change of state, I’ve started getting into more progressive metal. I’m a huge fan of Opeth, tool and such, now I’m giving the genre a bigger chance, I just really love what I’m finding. Something about the twists of musical styles in each songs just proves how creative these people can be at times in contrast to most metal bands I’ve exhausted myself with.

Anyway, that’s all folks. Who am I kidding, who’s going to read this? lol


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