My Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks So Far

Thought I’d make a new top 10 since you know.. everybody loves top 10’s. This list will consist of soundtracks of a video game as a whole and I will be limiting one soundtrack per game in a franchise. Please remember that this is my personal list so let’s all be fair to other people’s opinions!

10. Rayman Origins

I honestly went with this game rather than Legends because I just really love the creative style of combining lots of cultural styles of music together. Compare that to Legends, while it does have a great soundtrack, it is easy to recognize that most of the music has been inspired by common music such as how to train your dragon and 007. Origins on the other hand, has some of the most wacky music I’ve heard, from the crazy chase music while you’re after those chests to the strangely mellow ‘Sea of Serendipity”.

9. Megaman X

You’re going to be seeing a lot of music from the SNES era. I just find it incredible how they were capable of composing such great classics when being limited by such hardware. It just shows how you don’t need technical prowess all the time to create something truly memorable. Megaman X is a masterpiece to me, both the game and it’s soundtrack, need I say more about the badass boss music?

8. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This was difficult to narrow down considering how the Ace Attorney series has such good music. (I wish I could just plaster Godot’s theme from Trials and Tribulations on here) I just had to go with the first game’s soundtrack, as much as I love some other tracks from other games, this soundtrack as a whole is pretty stellar and is superior to the rest. I’m just going to put one of my favorite tracks down here. Seriously if you haven’t played this game.. for the love of god try it out. It’s a different kind of game, even non-gamers could possibly really enjoy this.

7. Silent Hill 2

I was contemplating which horror soundtrack to put down here and I was stuck between this and Resident Evil. As much as I love the soundtracks from those games, I think this one just stands out as a single soundtrack alone. One of the best horror games I have ever played. Wouldn’t of been the same without the chill soundtrack (That alternative shit!!).

6. Super Castlevania 4

Hell yes. This is what you call a proper game. Sorry SOTN fans, as much as I love that game as well, it is no match to the perfection that is Super Castlevania 4. And now it sounds like I’m just praising the game, but it’s also the soundtrack really, in my opinion it’s the best one in the franchise. I’m going to put down Vampire Killer rather than Bloody Tears since I prefer that track from another Castlevania game instead.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

While I feel that MGS3’s soundtrack is probably the greatest in the series, I feel that 4 takes that to the next level. Considering how you’re able to play your own tracks through a damn iPod in the game. It’s like every soundtrack enthusiasts dream, and not to mention how the soundtrack in this game is so massive because it has been compressed as little as possible. The true way to enjoy this soundtrack to the fullest is to listen to it in it’s intended form which is in surround sound, I find that insane.

4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Okay this was probably the hardest decision I had to make. Ocarina of Time, Majora’s mask and A Link to the past all have some of the best soundtracks in the series. When I considered OoT, while it does probably have the catchiest and most memorable songs, it is partly based on ALTTP, as well as Majora’s Mask having a lot of similar traits to Ocarina of Time, these 3 games seem very similar apart from Majora being quite a bit darker, but still. Wind Waker, I feel, can be distinguishable in the greatest sense from these soundtracks. Yes, it does have some traits from past games (Melodies in Windfall Island and Outset Island) but I felt it was the most effective in complimenting the atmosphere of the game. There is the much beloved and brought up tracks such as Dragon Roost Island and the Ocean theme, but I really appreciate the less acknowledged ones such as the theme played when departing from your island the first time and waving goodbye to your grandma, just the transition from a feel of adventure to lingering sadness is amazing. Overall, fantastic. There is some fantastic covers of Dragon roost online by the way.

3. Super Metroid

This is one of those soundtracks that is mainly really appreciated when accompanying the atmosphere of the game, and with that, this game is probably the one that does it best in my humble opinion. There were parts where I felt genuinely lost, scared and shocked, as well as those parts where you just feel like a badass. Still feel that this game is better than the Prime series, being the gems they are. Here’s one of my personal favorite tracks.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

Just had to do it. My first game I’ve ever gotten the pleasure of playing was Super Mario 64, I feel that game got me into appreciating soundtracks in the first place. On the other hand, once I played this game, I cannot deny that it probably has the best collection of songs from any of the others. Here’s one hell of a medley.

1. Chrono Trigger

It’s so easy to put this as number one. Why? Because there is not a single song in this game that I can forget. I finished Chrono Trigger relatively recent, during the final days of December last year. This is a game I cannot find anything wrong with, I had doubts of it at first since I’m not the biggest Final fantasy fan, but this blew me away. I got the pleasure of listening to a collection of songs form the game last year in the Video Games Live orchestra, it was beautiful. :’) It has inspired me in my music in so many different ways. Thank you, Yasunori Mitsuda!!


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