Dubai Vlog # 3 – Fujairah Mountains

Our trip to Fujairah which is a desolate area far from the general city of Dubai and even Sharjah. It’s pretty desolate and we had an awesome time there. In the vlog, you can see some clips compiled together of the experience, I made it pretty cheesy.. speaking of cheesy, there’s a music video on the end with title screen music from Final Fantasy 9. Enjoy it.


Dubai Vlog # 2 – Video Games Live

A compilation of some of the footage we captured from the Video Games Live show which is pretty much 2 hours of video game music being orchestrated live on stage.. it was pretty awesome. I would say that last years show was kind of better but perhaps that was because were weren’t expecting it back then, this year had some great stuff though, personally my favorite themes they played were for Smash Bros. and Final Fantasy 8. It was a great experience I got to spend with my uncle, cousin and friends and I hope you enjoy taking a sneak peak at what we got to experience.

Dubai Vlog # 1

Since we’re in Dubai for a week, I decided to post vlogs since its about time I made some anyway.. This is the first of a series of vlogs, its pretty random and its just us heading our way to the airport and such, didn’t record much considering we forgot to charge the camera but the next vlog should be much more interesting. Enjoy… or at least try to..?

I also took a few photos from later on in the day, we met up with a few friends and chilled around, we also had some really damn good Iranian food. Tomorrows vlog should be much more interesting considering we’re going to the concert so watch out for that.